If you are a listener to Podcasts, this might be one for you to go to. Try Patrick Leoncioni as part of his “At The Table” series where he meets with friends and colleagues to discuss matters relevant to organisational leadership.

A recommended one is “Conflict : Worth The Risk”…!!!

He has long promoted the need for good organisational health based around teams where productive, professional conflict is encouraged and this podcast discusses that.

Listen to the thought that professional conflict in a team is not just about ideas and decisions but is also important to relationships. Conflict with trust is the goal. He states that conflict without trust is just politics.

The podcast explores the nature of professional conflict and how it can be used to more effectively achieve strategic directions while building these good relationships.

For more on Leoncioni and organisational health, start with his 2012 work
The Advantage (Jossey – Bass. San Francisco)