Have you read Dr Anthony Muhammad’s “Transforming School Culture”

Second Edition: Solution Tree Press: 2018

In this work, Dr Muhammad encourages School Leadership to look at profiling your teaching staff so you can understand what you are working with, and targeting teachers so that they can best assist with the mission of student learning and looking at required change for those who need to “get on the bus”.

He has four categories of profile:

  • Believers – those who are in tune and supporting the direction of change.
  • Fundamentalists – those who have philosophical or demographic objections to the proposed changes.
  • Tweeners – those who are new to your school culture including beginning teachers, new appointments and those transferring in.
  • Survivors – those who are simply making it through each teaching day and not contributing much else.

There are clear descriptions of each of these categories and suggestions about how to work with or challenge those teachers in each sector.

This is an excellent, easy read recommended by the QCPPA Executive Officer.